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Skin Gel | Moisturizer | Cases - Nature's Aid
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Skin Gel | Moisturizer | Cases

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12 units of 35ml of on the go moisture your customers will love. 
A moisturizing gel with endless skin benefits

Healthy skin is beautiful, so we've used skin-nourishing oils and ingredients rich in the antioxidants and vitamins your skin needs. As a result, our gel is an all-in-one skin care, beauty care, and wellness aid that soothes, heals, and gives your skin an all-natural glow—a must-have beauty and skin care product for around the house and on the go.

Natural Skin Care: after shaving – after waxing – dry skin – itchy skin … and more

Natural Beauty Care: facial moisturizer – make-up base – make-up remover – improve skin tone – body moisturizer – after-sun hydration ... and more

Natural Skin Wellness: soothe sunburns – bug bites … and more

Multi-purpose skin gel that moisturizes and heals your skin

This gel absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky residue for easy application.

Free from artificial fragrances and dyes

No parabens, sulphates, or any other harsh chemicals that might irritate your skin

Only natural or naturally derived ingredients, responsibly sourced, and all non-GMO

Aloe Vera Extract is a naturally derived extract, meaning our gel has nearly 5x the vitamins, enzymes and nutrients found in aloe juice, bolstering its healing benefits.

Argan Oil is non-greasy and extremely high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, ideally suited as an all-purpose moisturizer that can also help tone skin and improve overall skin appearance.

Sweet Almond Oil is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin, provides a long-lasting barrier helping to prevent moisture loss and promote the healing of dry, irritated skin.

Tea Tree Oil has antibacterial solid and anti-infection properties, ideal for fighting skin infections, controlling acne outbreaks and the speedy healing of the skin.

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