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Moisturizing Hand Soap


The greener, simpler way to care for your pup's coat! With natural ingredients like oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and Neem Oil, our PET shampoo and conditioner bars offer a luxurious cleanse and tangle-free finish, all while being eco-friendly. Try them today for a healthier, happier dog – without the plastic waste! 🐾

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Dive into Natural Elegance with Our Soap Bars & Bath Bombs!

Our true natural body care products are made using the highest quality, natural, skin-loving ingredients, that also happen to be sustainably sourced.

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A nourishing blend of organic oils & beeswax provides your lips with rich, lasting moisturization.

"After trying over a dozen kinds of lip balms, this one is my favourite!"


These natural baby shampoo & wash bars give a nourishing lather thats gentle for the most delicate skin types ensuring your babies wash soothes and restores their skin and hair as it cleanses.

Make the change today

One small step can make a BIG impact to our planet by switching to solid shampoo & conditioner bars.

Care for your skin, naturally

Give your skin some TLC with the best nature has to offer. From head to toe, ingredients like Aloe Vera, Tea Tree, Witch Hazel, Rosemary and Vitamin E work to soothe, nourish, heal and protect. Our formulas combine a blend of these and other natural ingredients to keep your skin, hair and body healthy…naturally.

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True Natural Skincare & Beauty Products

Feeling the love


"This product works amazingly! I am so pleased with it. I had horrible eczema on my eyelids that was very hard to control (except with dangerous hydrocortisone daily). I wanted a more natural and safe solution, and my naturopath suggested nature's aid eczema products. It really works so much better than any other non-natural product I had to get a prescription for. The customer service was also the best I've experienced. Thank you Nature's Aid!"

-Kaitlyn M.

“Hi there! I just had to share how impressed I am with your All Natural Skin Gel. My son who suffers from many skin conditions had a rash that just wouldn't go away, so after being told to try your products I decided to give it a shot! Well sure enough after a couple applications there was a huge difference. I wish I would have taken pictures of before/after because it truly was a relief to see an improvement :)”

-Sarah M.

"I can not say enough about the Nature's Aid skin gel.  I have been using it for so long, where do I start.  Any skin irritation, pimple, mouth cankers, insect bits, puffy eyes and on and on.  It cover such a large range of uses, I have a large bottle on hand all the time.  It takes so little it also lasts a long time. Wonderful product and I will be trying it with the moisturizer in it too as I suffer from very dry skin."

Ruth N.

"I've been struggling with allergies and contact dermatitis for years and have seen countless doctors, dermatologists and other specialists. I've been prescribed every cream imaginable and all of them seem to escalate my symptoms. The only thing that reduces the burning and itching is Nature's Aid. It's literally a life saver for me. My skin is so senstive so to find something gentle enough on my skin yet powerful enough to work has been lifechanging! Thank you so much!"

Carrie L.

I love this bar soap! I got the bar conditioner too. They both smell fantastic!!! It’s so much easier to wash my dogs with bar soap than liquid soap. Their skin and fur look and feel great too. This is a high quality product and I definitely recommend!!!

Vanessa M.


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Less plastic

All of our bottles are made with 100% non-virgin plastic, meaning we're not adding any to our planet. Plus, we're working on more ways to reduce waste. 

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NCC Partnership

We've partnered with the Nature Conservancy of Canada, an amazing organization that helps preserve Canada's natural habitats.

Ingredients - aloe vera, rosemary, tea tree, witch hazel

Biodegradable Products

We use bio safe ingredients, so whether you use them indoors or out, you can trust that they won't harm the planet.